Mahou San Miguel achieves best turnover in its history, driven by its strength in Spain

  • Company earnings in 2016 reached 1.2205 billion euros, 3.7% higher, with a 2% increase in EBITDA
  • Total sales rose by 3.9%, to a level of 16.1 million hectolitres
  • Investment increased to 77.7 million euros
  • 218 people were added to the workforce last year, with direct employment created in 11 Spanish regions
Mahou San Miguel achieves best turnover in its history, driven by its strength in Spain

Mahou San Miguel achieves best turnover in its history, driven by its strength in Spain

Madrid, 26 April 2017. Mahou San Miguel, the 100% Spanish-owned leader of the country's brewing sector, increased its earnings by 3.7% in 2016, achieving a level of 1.2205 billion euros, the highest turnover in its history. It likewise registered significant growth in EBITDA, which stood at 264.9 million euros, 2% up on the previous year.

The company consolidated its leading position by increasing total sales by 3.9%, to 16.1 million hectolitres, of which 13.5 million correspond to beer and 2.6 million to mineral water, water-based drinks and fruit juice. Meanwhile, the operating profit fell by 6% compared with 2015, as a result of the regulatory change to the amortisation of goodwill, although investments rose to a figure of 77.7 million euros. This budget focused above all on the incorporation of technological improvements at its facilities to guarantee sustainability, product and process innovation, and client support. In 2016 it dedicated 59.5 million euros to promoting the On-trade segment, 31% more than the previous financial year.

Mahou San Miguel generated direct employment in 11 Spanish regions, at seven production sites, three mineral water springs with their own bottling plants, two corporate bases and 15 regional commercial offices throughout the country. It added 218 staff members to its workforce in 2016, which now numbers 3,000 people, having grown by 50% over the past decade. Over the last five years, 735 professionals have joined the team.


2016 Results

Increase vs 2015


1.2205 billion euros





Operating result




77.7 million euros


Volume of Sales

16.1 million hectolitres

·  13.5 million of beer

·  2.6 million of water, water-based drinks and juice





Workforce (number)




Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, Managing Director of Mahou San Miguel, highlighted during the presentation of the results that "2016 was a record year, outstanding not only for our economic results, but also the way we have done things. We are very proud of being a local, 100% Spanish, independent, family company that continues to create employment and leads the sector in our own country, which is a real achievement in the European market".


Leading development of the category in Spain

Mahou San Miguel consolidated its leading position in its home country in 2016, increasing beer sales by 1.8% compared with the previous year, to a level of 11.5 million hectolitres. This serves to maintain the upward trend seen in recent years in both On- and Off-trade channels, in which it is the number one seller. The company now has a presence at more than 200,000 points of sale throughout the country.

The rise in sales was based on a strategy focused on embellishing the category, driving innovation and premium products, and promoting a beer-loving culture. In this regard, 2016 saw the launch of a Client Collaboration Centre in Madrid, an innovative and multifunctional setting for joint projects with its On- and Off-trade clients throughout Spain to develop the purchasing and consumption experience of the future, and to promote the beer category at their establishments. Meanwhile, the company dedicated 17.1 million euros to innovation, one of its main levers for growth, launching 8 new products onto the market, developing new segments with varieties such as Mahou Barrel-aged and San Miguel 0,0 Isotonic, while also contributing to the growth of other segments, such as Specialities, with Mahou Maestra and Alhambra Roja. The company estimates that in 2017, some 50% of its organic growth in volume terms will come from innovation.

"Developing the category and creating value for the whole sector is our responsibility as leaders." That is the assertion made by Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, who adds: “We are also pioneers and the most advanced brewer in the world of craft beer. We were the first to acquire a stake in a craft brewery, and have gradually added to our portfolio those craft beers that are winning the most awards and proving most popular with consumers".


Growth in other business lines

The importance of the firm's international business was maintained in 2016, with sales outside Spain amounting to 2 million hectolitres, 15% of the overall volume.

The Water Business Unit, headed by the Solán de Cabras brand, likewise increased its sales volume by 13.6%, to a figure of 2.6 million hectolitres in 2016, growing in On- and Off-trade and advancing in its international expansion into more than 30 markets.

The Logistical Services Unit, created to promote new business lines connected with logistics and distribution, increased its earnings by 25.8%, expanding its client portfolio by 20% in the case of the logistics operator Taisa, and 1.2% in the distribution area, where it already has close on 11,300 clients. For its part, the New Business Unit increased its volume of sales by nearly 91%, with close on 100 new clients, 33 new references in the marketplace, and the promotion of such successful initiatives as Madrid Beer Week and the Beer Sommelier course, in line with its aim of fostering innovation and promoting beer knowledge in Spain.


Creating value wherever it has a presence

Mahou San Miguel contributed 1.2721 billion euros to the domestic economy (12.6% more than in 2015), distributed to its staff (221.5 million euros), suppliers (733 million euros) and Public Authorities (317.6 million euros).

Last year it allocated more than 22.4 million euros to promoting culture and sport, and invested close on 1.4 million euros in Corporate Responsibility initiatives and the activities of its Foundation. In specific terms, it promoted more than 49 corporate volunteering ventures, benefiting over 6,000 people. Meanwhile, the Mahou San Miguel Foundation worked on various programmes, including in particular the second edition of "Creating On-Trade Opportunities", a training initiative to generate employment in the on-trade sector intended for young people at risk of social exclusion and people with learning disabilities. Following completion of the programme, more than 82% of the 200 participants found a job opportunity.