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Creating moments of togetherness and connection to improve the lives of people and the planet.

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We are an independent, 100% SPANISH company, the LEADER IN THE BEER SECTOR in our country, and we have a strong international presence. We have nine beer production facilities, eight in Spain and two in USA, three water springs with their associated bottling plants, and a team of OVER 3,887 PROFESSIONALS. We have a 130-YEAR HISTORY which began with the founding of Mahou in 1890. Since then, as a Company, we have never ceased to strengthen our leadership, because we place people at the centre of our strategy.
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About Mahou San Miguel

A 100% Spanish-owned family company, the sector leader in the country with a production share of 32%. It has ten brewery centers, eight in Spain and two in USA, four water springs with packaging plants, and a professional team of more than 3,887.

The firm's history dates back more than 125 years, beginning with the birth of Mahou in 1890. Ever since then the company has continued to grow. In the year 2000, Mahou acquired San Miguel. In 2004 it added the Reina brand from the Canary Islands to its portfolio, followed in 2007 by Cervezas Alhambra. It furthermore diversified its business by purchasing Solán de Cabras in 2011.

It has an extensive portfolio of Spanish beers, including Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial and Alhambra Reserva 1925; pioneering products in their category, such as San Miguel 0,0, Mahou Barrica and San Miguel ECO, and brands suitable for coeliac sufferers such as San Miguel Gluten Free and Mahou Cinco Estrellas Sin Gluten. It also has an extensive range of international beers courtesy of agreements with partners including Warsteiner, and mineral water brands such as Solán de Cabras.

Internationalisation is one of its strategic cornerstones for the development of its business. It produces more than 70% of Spanish beer consumed outside of Spain, and has a presence in over 70 countries.


"Sharing a job well done with others - brands, products, experiences and services - participating in the best moments of your everyday life "


We are a to be a sustainable company, a leader in the mass consumption sector by:

And we will achieve it by placing the consumer and people at the centre of our decisions, by using technology and information as a competitive advantage, and by working on continuous improvement and with efficiency


These are the values that makes Mahou San Miguel team unique. The five principles are deep inside our corporate culture, helping us to act according to our Mision, Vision and purpose.

We drive innovation
  • We seek out and apply the best practises in the market.
  • We innovate in our processes and in all the ways of reaching the end consumer.
  • We learn from our mistakes.

We belive in people
  • People are the engine of the Company (customers, suppliers, professionals).
  • People are much more than just a resource.
  • Decisions are taken in the context of impact on people and their environment, not just based on profits.

We aim for excellence
  • We anticipate market changes with speed and agility.
  • We are self-critical and non-conformist.
  • We look for new ways of doing things that will enable us to improve continuously.

We enjoy doing things well
  • We are a great team that passionately enjoys its work.
  • We are proud of working at Mahou San Miguel.
  • We have an unwavering focus on quality.
  • We don't look for shortcuts.

We create sustainable businesses
  • We look after the business as if it were our own.
  • We take decisions in the context of long-term results.
  • We anticipate and satisfy consumers' needs by creating more sustainable and differentiating products, services and experiences.


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Foto Antecedentes


Carlos IV declared the Solán de Cabras Spa to be a public utility.


Casimiro Mahou Bierhans opened "Las Maravillas", a wallpaper factory that, for the first time ever, made this product available to the masses.


Casimiro Mahou Bierhans embarked on a new project: the oil paint factory “El Arco Iris”.


The Mahou family inaugurated the ice factory “El Polo Norte”.

Foto 1890


“El Barril” was launched, the first beer production centre with the Mahou seal of quality, in Madrid, at Calle Amaniel 29.
Foto 1897

Sign of modernity

Mahou beers received international recognition for their quality, with the Gold Medal for Excellence in the industry convention of Brussels.
Foto 1900

International recognitions

New Gold Medal for Excellence for Mahou Cervezas in the industry convention of Paris.
Foto 1904

Opening new centres

New Mahou production centre in Gibraleón (Huelva).
Foto 1909

Innovating for quality

Straw cases were substituted by wooden boxes, a ground-breaking innovation at the time.
Foto 1917

Contributing to society’s growth

Mahou gave up the Central Deposit it had on Jacometrezo street in Madrid to allow the development of the iconic Gran Vía. de la mítica Gran Vía.
Foto 1919

Montepío Mahou

Mahou showed its concern for its professionals with the creation of “Montepío Mahou”, an innovative entity that offered social protection to its entire workforce.
Foto 1922

New bottles and crown caps

New bottles and the first crown caps, a form that is now standard.
Foto 1924

Supporting sports

The company showed its commitment to sports by creating the Club Deportivo Mahou (Mahou Sports Club), a base site for encouraging sports practice.
Foto 1925

Cervezas Alhambra

Cervezas Alhambra was born in Granada
Foto 1929

New facilities

The malting plant opened on Calle Marcenado.
Foto 1932

Promoting culture

The company’s professionals and shareholders put on theatre shows inside the factory, opening the production centre to Madrid’s entire population.
Foto 1935

Expanding across borders

Cervecería Mahou was inaugurated in Tetuan (Morocco), with ads in the press of the time.
Foto 1957

San Miguel arrived in Lleida

San Miguel España was born, with its first production centre in Lleida.
Foto 1962

New facilities, new bottles

Mahou inaugurated its new factory in Paseo Imperial (Madrid), which allowed it to meet the growing demand for beer. The “Botijo” bottle entered the market and became an icon of the Mahou brand.
Foto 1966

Promoting healthy lifestyles

The first Alfredo Mahou Tournament, a social youth basketball tournament in collaboration with Real Madrid. Agreement to install American “Cornelius” taps in Spain.
Foto 1969

Cinco Estrellas is born

Launch of an iconic brand: Mahou Cinco Estrellas
Foto 1970

The family grows

New 1 litre bottles and new cans, adapting to consumers’ new needs.
Foto 1987

100 years of taste

The “botijo” made way for new types of packaging and Mahou Clásica was launched, produced using the original recipe created one hundred years before.
Foto  1990

Mahou alcohol-free

Mahou’s alcohol-free beer, Laiker, entered the market to bring the utmost quality to consumers looking for a non-alcoholic beer.
Foto  1993

Welcome to Alovera

Inauguration of the Alovera (Guadalajara) production centre which, at the time, was the centre with the greatest capacity in all of Europe.
Foto 2000

Mahou San Miguel

Mahou acquired San Miguel and, together, they formed the largest Spanish beer company: Mahou San Miguel Foundation.
Foto  2001

For the first time ever, 0.0% alcohol content

Always leading in innovation, in 2001 we launched San Miguel 0.0%, a pioneer in its category.
Foto  2003

Tradition and modernity

Mahou Negra’s image changed, San Miguel 1516 was launched and San Miguel ECO entered the market as the first ecological beer in our country.
Foto  2004

Reina in your world

Our expansion continued with the acquisition of Cervezas Anaga and their Canary Islands brand, Reina.
Foto  2005

New tastes for new consumers.

Our portfolio continued growing with the market launch of two new products: Mixta, the shandy by Mahou, and San Miguel 0.0% apple.
Foto  2007

Alhambra in Mahou San Miguel

Cervezas Alhambra became part of our company. That same year, all of our factories obtained the EMAS environmental certification.
Foto 2008

Light taste

The launch of Mahou Premium Light shows our innovative capacity. Furthermore, we renewed a classic with Selecta XV.
Foto 2010

International agreements

We reached commercialisation agreements with Warsteiner Brewery and Carlsberg UK. We expanded the 0.0% range with San Miguel 0.0% lemon.
Foto 2011

Much more than just water

Solán de Cabras joins our company, thus strengthening our beverage portfolio with their brand of mineral water and soft-drinks, Bisolán.
Foto 2012

Overcoming boundaries

We launched San Miguel Fresca in the United Kingdom, our first product created in Spain for an international market.
Foto 2013

Creation of the Mahou San Miguel foundation

We strengthened our commitment to our community by creating the Fundación Mahou San Miguel to channel the social actions that have always defined our company.
Foto 2014

More international growth

Signed an agreement with San Miguel Brewing International to position San Miguel as an iconic brand throughout the world.
Foto 2015

Together, 125 years later

We celebrated the first 125 years of our history with a renewed visual identity and with the objective of remaining alongside the Spanish community and that of the rest of the countries in which we have a presence.
Foto 2016

Nómada Brewing

Acquisition of 40% of Nómada Brewing
Foto 2017

Avery Brewing and La Salve

Acquisition of a 40% of Avery Brewing and a 42,9% of La Salve
Foto 2018

Growing stronger in the Canary Islands

Acquisition of a 75,15% of Aguas del Valle de la Orotava. We also deal up with Carlsberg to distribute from now on this Danish brand in the islands
Foto 2019

Increased expansion into the USA

We become major shareholder of Avery Brewing and Founders Brewing
Foto 2020

AB InBev

We signed a collaboration agreement with AB InBev to produce and distribute the brands of the Belgian multinational group in our country

Work centres

C/ Titán, 15
28045 Madrid
Tel. 91 526 91 00
View map
C/ Urgell, 240
08036 Barcelona
Tel. 93 227 23 00
View map
C/ Rua da Senra 8, 3ª Planta
15702 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña
C/ Ezcurdia 194, planta baja. Edificio Argenta
33.203 Gijón
c/. Doctor Achúcarro 9, 1ª Planta
48011 Bilbao
Tel. 944424212 / 94427246
Avenida de la Constitución Española, 55
09007 Burgos
C/ Comte d´Urgell, 240
08036 Barcelona
Tel. 93 227 23 00
C/ Profesor Beltrán Báguena, 4
Despacho 305 – Edif. Trade Center I
46009 Valencia
Tel. 96 346 04 22
P.I. Marratxí, c/ Licorers, 169
Local 29 Despachos 25-26
C/ Titán, 15
28045 Madrid
Tel. 91 526 91 00
C/ Nestares 20, 0ª y 2ª planta.
28045 Madrid
C/ Acanto 22, 1ª planta.
28045 Madrid
Avda. de Murcia, 1
18012 Granada
Tel. 958 18 50 50
Ctra. del Aeroclub, 1
29004 Málaga
Tel. 952 17 71 07
Av. De Hytasa nº38, planta 3 modulo 5. . Edificio Toledo I
41006 Sevilla
Pol. Indus. Valle de Güímar
38509 Candelaria (Tenerife)
Tel. 902 16 41 65
Plaza la Feria, 40 – 3º Izquierda
35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canarias
Via Socrate, 26 Primo Piano
Milano 20128
Camino Vecinal 8370, bodega 10-11
Renca, Santiago de Chile
Tlf: +56 2 2592 1146
Le Bureau, Studio F7, Battersea Studios
80 Silverthone Road
London SW8 3HE
Avda. de Río Henares, 68 - 19208 Alovera Guadalajara - Tel. 949 26 82 00
Alovera work centre
  • Start-up: 1993
  • Surface area: 430.000 m2
  • Production capacity: 7 million Hl/year
  • Bottling: 11 lines of multi-format bottling (5 reusable and 6 non-reusable)
  • Warehouse: 33.600 m2 capacity
Solán de Cabras - 16893 Beteta - Cuenca
Beteta work centre
  • Surface area: 10.972 m2
  • Production capacity: 2 million Hl/year
  • Bottling: 5 multi-format bottling lines
  • Warehouse: 667 m2 capacity
Avenida de la Constitución nº 55 - 09007 Burgos - Tel. 947 28 22 00
Centro Producción Burgos
  • Start-up: 1970
  • Surface area: 68.000 m2
  • Production capacity: 2,1 million Hl/year
  • Bottling: 4 multi-format bottling lines
  • Warehouse: 5.100 m2 capacity
Pol. Indus. Valle de Güímar - 38509 Candelaria - Tenerife - Tel.902164165
Candelaria work centre
  • Start-up: 2000
  • Surface area: 10.725 m2
  • Production capacity: 225.000 de Hl/year
  • Bottling: LReturnable line. 30 and 50 litre keg line
  • Warehouse: 452 m2 capacity
Ctra. Nacional IV, km 397 - 14014 Córdoba - Tel. 957 499 400
Córdoba work centre
  • Start-up: 1965 (since 2000 as Cervezas Alhambra)
  • Surface area: 100.000 m2
  • Production capacity: 886.000 de Hl/year
  • Bottling: 2 bottling lines (cans and kegs)
  • Warehouse: 5.000 m2 capacity
Avda. de Murcia nº 1 - 18012 Granada - Tel. 958 185 050
Granada work centre
  • Start-up: 1925
  • Surface area: 18.000 m2
  • Production capacity: 400.000 de Hl/year
  • Bottling: 3 bottling lines (cans, kegs and multi-format)
  • Warehouse: 2.500 m2 capacity
Avda. de la Industria - Polígono Industrial "El Segre" - 5191 Lleida - Tel.973705400
Lleida work centre
  • Start-up: 1957
  • Surface area: 165.000 m2
  • Production capacity: 2 millones Hl/year
  • Bottling: 4 multi-format bottling lines
  • Warehouse: 6.500 m2 capacity
Finca La Pandera - Carretera Valdepeñas, km. 6 - 23160 Los Villares, Jaén - Tel.953320800
Centro Producción Los Villares
  • Surface area: 20,5 Ha (entire site) – Plant 5.300m2 (covered surface)
  • Production capacity: 350.000 Hl
  • Bottling: 250.000 Hl (2012)
  • Warehouse: 2.200 pallets of finished product
Ctra. del Aeroclub, nº 1 - 29004 Málaga - Tel. 952 17 71 07
Málaga work centre
  • Start-up: 1966
  • Surface area: 60.000 m2
  • Production capacity: 2,5 million Hl/year
  • Bottling: 5 multi-format bottling lines
  • Warehouse: 7.000 m2 capacity


Our main purpose is to generate value in a sustainable way for our customers, collaborators, shareholders and employees, and for society as a whole, thus reaffirming our commitment to the Spanish economy.

We are present at 200,000 points of sale in Spain, and we produce 70% of the Spanish beer consumed outside of Spain, making us the most international beverage company in our country.
In 2020, our sales volume stood at 17.7 million hectolitres, 8.2% less than last year. This decrease is the result of the COVID-19 crisis. Beer accounted for 13.5 and mineral, flavoured and functional water for the remaining 4.2.
Our turnover decreased by 10.5%, as a result of the crisis, to a total of 1,252.8 million euros.
Our investment amounted to 76.6 million euros, of which 18.1 million euros were allocated to Innovation, 7% of our sales came from this area. We launched new products - Solán de Cabras with gas, Magna Roja 0.0, San Miguel Yakima Valley, Alhambra Reserva Esencia Citra IPA, La Salve Carola, La Salve Lucía Yarza and Nómada Moose - and entered new categories such as "cider" with La Prohibida or "hard seltzer" through the Glowy brand, which has been the pioneer in Spain in this segment.
During 2020 we made environmental investments worth 4.5 million euros with the aim of developing our activity in a way that respects the environment. At Mahou San Miguel we want to guarantee the most appropriate management of the resources we use to make our products.
We ended 2020 with a team of 3,887 professionals (10.1% more) distributed among our 11 brewing centres, four springs and water bottling plants, our corporate headquarters and our 16 sales offices located in 11 regions.


Our objectives are clear and we have established a set of policies that delineate the path we need to take in order to meet them.


In order to guarantee the highest quality and safety of our products, we are committed to:
  • Adopting and maintaining an Integrated Food Quality and Safety Management System, in accordance with the requirements of international regulations UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 22000.
  • Complying with the current legislation and following the recommendations of the Codex Alimentarius.
  • To produce our products under the highest quality and hygiene standards.
  • To provide the best service to our customers and partners, addressing their demands and needs through direct and personalised service.
  • To maintain a relationship of trust with our suppliers, based on requiring them to comply with current legislation and demonstrate continuous improvement.


We are committed to the environment, the conservation of natural resources and improvement in the management of both our waste and the other environmental aspects of our activities.
For this:
  • We will ensure that our facilities, products, and services comply with current legislation and other regulations and promote environmental protection under a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • We will establish improvement objectives as per this policy and provide the means to reach them, adopting Standard ISO 14001 and the EMAS Regulations as the framework for our Environmental Management System.
  • We will define proper environmental communication lines to all our professionals and other groups of interest.


We base our practice on:
  • Ensure that purchases are of an orderly and planned nature, allowing those involved in the process to develop their capacities so as to perform their function in the most effective and efficient way possible, relying to this end on the General Purchasing Process Procedure.
  • To be knowledgeable about the supplier market and our internal expectations as a basic condition for satisfying them and contributing value.
  • Underpin transparency and non-discrimination, establishing an honest and open professional framework, and giving all suppliers the opportunity to collaborate with Mahou San Miguel.
  • Reach purchasing decisions based on objective and impartial criteria.
  • Promote strict compliance with contract terms, current legislation, and applicable standards and procedures, particularly in relation to human rights, labour, occupational risk prevention, quality, food safety, and the environment.
  • To provide goods and services that meet our quality standards, especially those that are part of the products or services that reach our customers and consumers..
  • To promote stable relationships with our suppliers, based on the highest quality standards, transparency, continuous improvement, and mutual benefit, whilst promoting activities aimed at innovation and development.
  • Ensure that companies providing goods and services undertake their activities within the context of proven Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics.
  • All the above while fostering the values of Mahou San Miguel and placing a particular emphasis on respect for the principles established in the United Nations Global Compact.


The Board of Directors establishes the basic principles and general action framework for managing and developing people to guarantee that all Mahou San Miguel employees are prepared to confront current and future challenges in sustainable work and organisational environments, governed by the principle of transparency.
Mahou San Miguel has a function with the means for carrying out this management. Exercised by the People and Organisation Department, under the direct supervision of General Management, it is responsible for implementing and maintaining an adequate remuneration system in the context of the best possible labour relations and for achieving the optimal professional and personal development of employees with full respect for current legislation and the United Nations Global Compact, all in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • To identify the needs of the organisation and define the job descriptions for current and future positions, developing the staffing control and planning plans and systems necessary to ensure correct sizing and qualifications of teams by establishing succession plans for adequate coverage of key positions in Mahou San Miguel, all in alignment with the business strategy.
  • To ensure that hiring, both internal and external, is conducted in a systematic and effective manner, solely based on merit and ability, whilst respecting the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination related to gender, race, religion, age or any other personal status, and promoting and prioritising internal mobility.
  • To strengthen performance evaluation and management processes for all collaborators, ensuring dialogue and quality in the management and development of people in order to align operations with the values and objectives of Mahou San Miguel and identify opportunities for the professional growth of the human team.
  • To promote the enhancement of qualifications, professional development of people, and improvement of team management by investing in formal and informal learning activities that favour the alignment of job requirements with current and future business needs.
  • To establish a competitive package of compensation, benefits, and social security coverage based on collective bargaining agreements and in line with the market, based on principles of equity and respect for the diversity of the organisation's business operations.
  • To furnish a model for relations with worker representatives based on a respectful, trust-based dialogue between the parties in the spirit of reaching agreements that contribute to the common goal of developing the business and our professionals.
  • To apply a regime for applying discipline with cause, using a criteria of proportionality and addressing contributing factors, all in accordance with the Workers' Statute, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and the Code of Conduct.
  • To respect the diversity and effectively promote equal treatment and opportunity for men and women in all its companies and at all levels, eliminating any type of gender-based discrimination.


The Board of Directors establishes the basic principles and general action framework for controlling and managing risks of all types which might affect our activities and companies.
Mahou San Miguel has a risk control and management function. Exercised by the Auditing and Internal Control Department, under the direct supervision of the Executive Committee, it is responsible for implementation and management of the comprehensive risk management system under the reference framework of internationally accepted best practices (COSO and Code of Good Governance) and in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • Control Environment
    To create a body of standards, processes, and structures that will serve as the basis for exercising internal control, in accordance with the standards of conduct expected of companies and the organisation's ethical values.
  • Risk Assessment
    To identify and assess the different types of risk associated with the company's operations, including 1st and 2nd level, in addition to cross-cutting risks, organising all of these into four major groups: Strategic, Operational, Financial, and Regulatory.
    To set the company's risk appetite at the average level and not tolerate critical risk levels even if it is capable of absorbing them.
    To involve all managers of the company in adequate identification, management, and quantification of all major risks, as well as to require them to use this information in decision making.
  • Control Activities
    To establish the necessary measures to mitigate the impact of the identified risks if they were to materialise, identifying and implementing controls (preventive, detective, corrective, automatic, and/or manual), as well as the necessary contingency plans for achieving the objectives.
  • Information and Communication
    To provide relevant and high quality information about risk control and management by generating 1st level Risk Maps and Maps by Area, or Cross-Cutting Maps, with their corresponding controls and contingency plans. Mapping will be performed after preparation of each Company Strategic Plan or, at least, every two years.
    To promote knowledge within the company of internal control and management of risks.
    To communicate the key aspects of the control system to external interest groups.
  • Supervision Activities
    To ensure the proper functioning of the risk control and management systems through continuous or periodic evaluations to determine whether the risk control and management system and its components are functioning adequately, communicating the recommended improvement measures to the responsible parties for implementation.
    o To ensure that the risk control and management system mitigates risks adequately within the framework of the policy defined here.


The Board of Directors defines the corporate organisation of Mahou San Miguel in order to ensure that the structure of its group of companies is as consistent as possible with the interests of the shareholders and the activities of the corporate group. It also defines the rules of the organisation and the functioning of its governance bodies, at all times in compliance with the law and best corporate governance practices.
Mahou San Miguel structures its organisation according to the following guiding principles:

  • To address the multinational and multi-company nature of our organisation, with a presence in different businesses and sectors, under a system of organisation and corporate coordination that orients the structure and operation of its bodies to serve the interests of its shareholders, customers, and partners.
  • To organise Mahou San Miguel as a group of companies, all of them ultimately governed in the most suitable legal manner for each of them by the parent company, Mahou, S.A., which is responsible for:
    Exercising the powers and rights of the company's shareholders in its subsidiaries.
    Taking decisions relative to important acquisitions or transfers involving subsidiaries and the formation of companies.
    Transmitting the strategy and general guidelines to the subsidiaries.
    Ensuring a common approach in the subsidiaries in terms of corporate governance.
    Coordinating information flows with subsidiary companies.
  • Having a system in place for delegating powers to address operational and executive needs that facilitates management and operational governance uniformly in terms of the functions delegated and the form and scope of action for all the companies that comprise Mahou San Miguel. This system shall be approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Striving at all times for better organisation of the business from the standpoint of both development of the different lines of business and their territorial organisation.
  • Only creating companies for valid business purposes, avoiding operations through corporate structures that hinder transparency.
  • Defining the corporate structure to address the principles of transparency, legality, rationality, and simplicity in the management of the Mahou San Miguel business, and ensuring that all partners and stakeholders know and understand it.


The Board of Directors establishes the basic principles and general action framework in the area of occupational risks in order to guarantee compliance with legal obligations and optimise continuous improvement of health, safety, and well-being conditions for all employees and collaborators.

Mahou San Miguel has a function with the means for managing and preventing occupational risks. Exercised by the Prevention, Health and Well-being Department, under the direct supervision of General Management, it is responsible for developing, disseminating, implementing and maintaining an Occupational Risk Prevention and Healthy Company Management System, in accordance with the ISO 45.001 standard and the following Guiding Principles.

  • To guarantee safe and healthy working conditions through identification of hazards and assessment of risks to the health and safety of people, establishing the continuous improvement programmes necessary to eliminate or control them, guaranteeing compliance with current legislation and other requirements the company may adopt in relation to healthy work environments.
  • To establish comprehensive health promotion programmes appropriate to the needs of the workforce, taking into account both occupational and non-occupational risk factors, that favour improvement of people's quality of life and our immediate community and make each worker the main actor in their own health.
  • To improve the preventive culture in the entire organisation through ongoing training and awareness-raising of the staff on the implications of their behaviours and decisions on the safety of people, processes and facilities, making prevention the responsibility of each and every employee.
  • To integrate occupational risk prevention, health, and well-being into business management and all operations and decisions, in both technical and organisational processes, and across the entire hierarchical structure, including our suppliers in its management scope, and incorporating prevention criteria in contracts for works, services, and supplies.

Governing Bodies

Composition of the Board of Directors of Mahou San Miguel::

CHAIRMAN Mr José Antonio Mahou Herráiz
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT Mr Gerardo Fernández Calvo 1
MANAGING DIRECTOR Mr Eduardo Petrossi Valdés 2
MEMBERS Mr Alfredo Mahou Herráiz
  Ms Alicia Mahou Parra
  Ms Ana Francisca Gervás 4
  Ms Fátima Mahou Herráiz
  Ms Germina Christelle Eva Gervás 5
  Ms Carmen Mahou de la Torre
  Ms Mercedes Calvo Caminero 6
  Mr Pablo Usandizaga Usandizaga 3

1 Representing Mosquililla, S.L.U.
2 Representing Tamarinver, S.L.U.
3 Representing Inversiones Múltiples, S.L.U.
4 Representing IPL Gala Internacional, S.L.
5 Representing Sociedad Gala de Inversiones, S.L.U
6 Representing Altinver, S.A.U

The Executive Committee, with the support of the management team, has the role of adopting the management decisions of the business. It is made up of:

CHAIRMAN Mr Eduardo Petrossi Valdés 2
VICE-PRESIDENT Mr Alfredo Mahou Herráiz
MEMBERS Mr Carmen Mahou de la Torre
  Mr Gerardo Fernández Calvo 1
  Mr José Togores Mahou
  Mr Pablo Usandizaga Usandizaga 3

1 Representing Mosquililla, S.L.U.
2 Representing Tamarinver, S.L.U.
3 Representing Inversiones Múltiples, S.L.U.

Leads the activity and daily work of Mahou San Miguel::

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Mr Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero
DIRECTOR, LEGAL AFFAIRS Ms Beatriz Martínez-Falero