Our dream is to be a benchmark in sustainability for the consumer products sector

Sustainability has guided our way of thinking and doing since our beginnings, over 129 years ago. Day by day, we work to make our Strategic Framework for Sustainability, “Somos 2020”, more tangible through 20 business milestones that will enable us to advance decisively to be a benchmark in this area in the consumer products sector.

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We are Innovation

We are Innovation
Under the umbrella of We are Innovation, we work to anticipate the needs of consumers with a portfolio of products that is socially and environmentally more responsible.

We look at the entire life cycle of our products: from cultivation of the raw materials used to make them to design of the packaging that contains them, as well as their production process.

For that reason, we focus our activity in three spheres: the reduction and offsetting of natural resource consumption, the use of sustainable materials and packaging, and the promotion of health and well-being.

Specific commitments:


#01 We will reduce our carbon footprint by 10%.
  • Between 2017 and 2018, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 3.2%.
  • We implement vapour recovery projects at our breweries.
  • Since 2016, we have reduced the CO₂ emissions in our company fleet by 9.3%.
  • We hold the Leed Gold certification at our corporate headquarters.
  • 90% of the malt we use is grown locally.
#02 Purchase 100% green energy and promote self-generation projects.
  • All the energy we purchase at our breweries is 100% green.
  • We promote energy efficiency through collaboration agreements that enable us to reduce CO₂ emissions.
#03 Reduce water consumption by 10% by 2025.
  • We have reduced water consumption by 3.2% since 2017, and 5% since 2016.
  • We are carrying out initiatives for proper use of this resource and awareness campaigns for all our professionals.


#04 Materials designed using sustainability criteria: recycled, recyclable and with better grammage.
  • We are carrying out pilot projects for reusable and biodegradable glasses.
  • We have designed a POS display manual to guide our teams in selecting and gradually introducing more sustainable materials.
  • Our terraces are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. In collaboration with the Valora Foundation, we recover and give a second life to the most deteriorated terraces.
  • 56% of the terraces installed are made with up to 20% recycled materials.
  • 60% of the sun umbrellas installed by our customers absorb harmful substances.
  • We are promoting pilot programmes for the use of reusable and biodegradable drinking glasses at events and with our customers.
#05 50% recycled PET, 70% recycled glass and 100% sustainable cardboard in our packaging.
  • All our containers are recyclable and 38% are returnable.
  • All the cardboard we use in our packaging is sustainable.
  • Solán de Cabras is the first brand of water in which all bottles are made with 50% recycled PET.
  • The brown 33cl bottles contain 70% recycled glass.
  • 45% of beer consumption involves the keg format, without single-use packaging and without generating waste.


#06 Launch of products focused on health and well-being.
  • Our product family includes the Solán de Cabras Repair, Antiox and Defence functional waters.
  • San Miguel Eco was the first Spanish ecological beer on the market.
  • We include gluten-free products in our portfolio: Mahou Cinco Estrellas Sin Gluten and San Miguel Sin Gluten.
#07 Participation of 80% of our professionals in health and well-being programmes.
  • All of our professionals have access to ‘Cuidarme”, the portal where we share tips, events and initiatives organized by the Health, Prevention and Well-being area.
  • FWe encourage the physical and emotional well-being of our professionals through sport and specific initiatives such as mindfulness, participation in fun runs, etc.
  • We are the first beer company with the EFR (Family Friendly Company) certificate of excellence granted by the Másfamilia Foundation.


The second strategic line of Somos 2020, We are commitment strengthens Mahou San Miguel’s relationship with society.

We also encourage sustainability in the marketing and consumption of our products. We are committed to this goal, which not only involves sharing our products’ nutritional composition but also advising the on-trade channel on sustainability and promoting sustainable mobility, among other issues.

Specific commitments:


#08 We encourage moderate consumption.
  • We have five moderate consumption principles that we incorporate in all our events, commercial initiatives and breweries.
  • All our marketing communications comply with the Advertising Self-Regulation Code.
#09 Promotion of a sustainable value chain.
  • We have collaborated with over 250 suppliers.
  • Our cooling systems are becoming increasingly efficient.
  • Through our “Avanzamos Juntos” programme, we train our suppliers and distributors to integrate sustainability into their businesses.
  • We have developed a guide with the Spanish Network of the Global Compact that contains some of the good practices adopted by our suppliers and distributors.


#10 100% sustainable company fleet within five years.
  • Our fleet in downtown Madrid is 100% electric.
  • The fleet of our Granada distributor, Aldimer, consists of 100% electric cars.
  • We are working to make our entire marketing and executive fleet environmentally sustainable.
#11 Support to distributors to incorporate sustainable vehicles.
  • We will support our distributors in their efforts to progressively incorporate sustainable vehicles into their fleets.


#12 Promote employment in groups that are at risk of exclusion.
  • Our Mahou San Miguel Foundation has trained more than 700 young people at risk for social exclusion to help them enter the job market. 85% of them have already found a job.
  • Over 600 of our company’s professionals donate their time in our volunteer programmes to support various social causes.
#13 Encourage people’s social development and well-being through our brands.
  • Our brands are integrating sustainability into daily life, and we are working to advance in this direction gradually starting in 2020.
#14 Biodiversity protection and fire prevention.
  • We work with associations like WWF and promote awareness campaigns to reduce the impact of fires.
  • Through our Mahou San Miguel Foundation, our professionals collaborate in the clean-up and reforestation of the areas where we are present.


Our third pillar of sustainability rests on promoting the company’s core value: our professionals, a line of action in which collaboration, diversity and flexibility are fundamental.

As a family-owned, 100% Spanish company, we are committed to the economic, social and cultural development of our home country. We create direct employment in 11 autonomous communities, support local businesses and promote initiatives that provide value to our professionals and to all citizens.

Last year, over 1,000 professionals from Mahou San Miguel participated in some fifty activities as part of our volunteering programme “Somos Voluntarios”, benefitting over 6,000 people.

We reinforce our commitment to society through the Mahou San Miguel Foundation by offering opportunities to groups that find it difficult to enter the job market, supporting talent and promoting an education in values based on healthy recreation and sport.

Specific commitments:


#15 Encouragement of collaborative culture and promotion of digital tools.
  • We create more open, collaborative and human spaces that improve the well-being of our professionals and in which digitization has a fundamental role.
#16 Co-creation workshops to address the challenges of sustainability across the entire value chain.
  • We support local farmers so that they can produce sustainably through programmes designed specifically for them.


#17 5% of new hires correspond to new graduates.
  • Over 100 young people have joined our company in the last three years through programmes like “Crecemos” and “Impulsa”.
#18 Candidates of both genders in hiring processes.
  • All of our hiring processes include candidates of both genders.


#19 Telecommuting for 25% of professionals.
  • Over 50% of our professionals who are able to work flexibly already do so.
#20 35% of vacancies filled with internal talent.
  • All of our vacancies are published internally so that our professionals can grow and learn in different areas in a transversal way.


For more than 128 years, Sustainability is part of the DNA of Mahou San Miguel. It is integrated into everything we do, being respect for the Environment and efficient management of natural resources a priority in our activity.

As a guarantee of our sustainable trajectory, we have had an Environmental Management System for more than 15 years, certified according to ISO 14001 standards, which has been recognized with the "European Environment Award to the Company", in its Spanish section, within the category of "Management for Sustainable Development for Large and Medium Enterprises", granted by the Biodiversity Foundation.

It is a sample of our daily commitment to the environment and to the sustainability of everything we do. If you want to consult the complete information of our advances in environmental matters, you can do it through our Environmental Statement.

View Environmental Statement 2018

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