To work at Mahou San Miguel is to belong to a global community committed to the development and future growth of our team. Our vision puts people at the centre of everything we do, always with the requirement that they contribute value sustainably. Because we have a strong desire to continue growing. Because we have a great thirst for progress.


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We are a large company that is unique and committed

We are so much more than just the leading company in the beer sector. We are an independent organization with Spanish origins and an international presence. Our pioneering and transformative spirit, our results-orientation, along with our commitment to people’s well-being, defines a unique way of doing things that enables us to advance confidently towards the future.

We are a global company that is the leader in the Spanish market. We produce 70% of the Spanish beer consumed worldwide.

We believe in the constant progress of society and of our business. We are international, innovative and pioneering.

We are Spanish and independent. Your voice has a vote and you will be able to make your ideas reality.

People are our secret ingredient. A committed, results-oriented and ambitious team that makes us unique.

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We create special moments

We not only build brands and leading products; with enthusiasm, passion and high standards, we create special moments that make every day a unique occasion to be shared. We work every day so that more people can enjoy our brands, products and experiences thanks to new uses of technology, innovation and a more open, transparent and engaging way of working.

We place the consumer and people at the centre of our decisions. Our products and experiences are especially focused on turning any moment into a special occasion.

We use technology and information as a competitive advantage. We bring together the most advanced technology and the best of our professionals’ brewing expertise.

Since 1890, our family of products has done nothing but grow. We have one of the most complete product ranges on the market for you to pair with any moment or occasion.

We build innovative, top-quality brands, products, experiences and services. We set trends. Our excellence leads us to offer unique products. Our passion makes us create brand-lovers.

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We are a sustainable and human organization, a benchmark in our society

A responsible organization is one that understand that sustainability is only possible when we meet the needs of the world around us. We want to serve as an ethical, social and environmental benchmark, something that is only possible through a people-to-people commitment.

We offer opportunities for young talent, ensuring that over 5% of our new hires are recent graduates.

Diversity is one of the cornerstones of our company. We reflect the richness of a complex society in which any point of view is welcomed.

Our objective is to become the company with the smallest environmental footprint in the food and beverage sector.

We support those who most need it. With our “Somos Voluntarios” programme, thanks to our professionals, we have benefitted over 6,000 people from the most vulnerable populations.

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Play a leading role in an experience of real growth.

At Mahou San Miguel, people always come first. Our firm belief in the power of people translates into concrete initiatives for our professionals. We are united by enthusiasm and passion for our work and for people. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the Mahou San Miguel family.

At Mahou San Miguel, people call the shots in their careers, their progress and their development. We give them powerful tools to facilitate their personal and professional growth.

We accompany you when it matters. We support, listen to and generate work-life balance for everyone on our team.

We create work spaces based on collaborative culture by implementing digital tools that encourage transversal management to achieve results.

We are a company with a soul and an essence. We form a community united around a strong pride in belonging. We wear the team colours proudly.



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