In 2012 Mahou San Miguel invested 3.2 million euros in its Solán de Cabras plant in Cuenca

  • Since the acquisition of Solán de Cabras in 2011, the Spanish company has invested more than five million euros in the bottling centre


Cuenca, July 17th, 2013. - In 2012, Mahou San Miguel allocated 3.2 euros to its bottling plant Solán de Cabras in Beteta (Cuenca). The goal: to meet growth expectations in the water market over the next few years and have state of the art facilities that ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and safety, while being environmentally aware. Mahou San Miguel, the leader of the national beer market, acquired Solán de Cabras in 2011 as part of its diversification strategy and to strengthening its position in the beverages sector. Since then, this 100% Spanish owned, family company has spent almost five million euros on its facilities in Cuenca.

Specifically, last year, Mahou San Miguel invested 1.9 million euros in the renovation of its returnable glass litre bottles container to make it more flexible, efficient and productive, responding to consumer demand for this format. The upgrading of the facilities to meet the requirements of innovations recently introduced on the market (the sport top for 750 ml Solán de Cabras water bottle or the Bisolán 1-litre soft drink bottle) implied an investment of 800,000 euros. Other renovations the plant has undergone in order to stay up-to-date with the most innovative technologies, ensuring maximum performance in quality, safety, productivity and efficiency, have cost 500,000 euros. In total, 3.2 million euros was spent on the implementation of 18 different industrial projects.

Looking ahead to the next few years, Mahou San Miguel expects an increase in industrial investment in the plant, which, with a surface area of 10,972 m2 and seven multi-format packaging lines, currently has a production capacity of two million hectolitres.

Environmental commitment

Of the 26 million euros allocated to production centres in 2012 about 17 million was invested in ensuring optimal environmental performance. As a result, it has been able to decrease unit water consumption by 1.74% and energy consumption by 4.4%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 32% thanks to, among other factors, the fact that 100% of the electrical energy consumed in its production centres comes from renewable sources.

Mahou San Miguel remains the leader of the Spanish beer market

In 2012 Mahou San Miguel made an operating profit of 175 million euros, 7.5% less than the previous year due to the economic context of lower consumption. The company has established itself as the leader in the Spanish beer market with a production of 12.3 million hectolitres and a market share of 37%. Its sales reached 1.173 billion euros, 1.9% lower than in the previous year.

The beer company has become one of the best ambassadors for Spain abroad, exporting to the world not only our products but also the concept, values ??and attitudes of the Spanish lifestyle. Internationalisation is a strategic priority for the development of business, it means that Mahou San Miguel is present in over 50 countries and that it produces more than 75% of Spanish beer that is exported. Its international sales, including also the products the company produces outside Spain, accounted for 11% of the total volume in 2012, which means that in the last five years international business has doubled its share within the company's total sales.

Likewise, the changes made in the Managing Bodies of the company in 2012, which have given way to a generational succession, are evidence of Mahou San Miguel shareholders' strong commitment to the development and sustainability of the business in the long-term, strengthening its international strategy plans.

Mahou San Miguel

The acquisition of San Miguel in 2000 by Mahou, the centenary company, establishes the first 100% Spanish capital brewing company. It is the national industry leader and produces more than 75% of the Spanish beer that is exported. It is currently present in 50 countries and has over 2,500 employees. In 2004, it incorporated the Canary Island brand Reina and in 2007 Cervezas Alhambra. In addition, it has diversified with the purchase in 2011 of Solán de Cabras and the commercialisation of DE. Master Blenders coffees, teas and sweeteners in the hospitality industry since 2010. In 2012 it made an important move in its internationalisation strategy when it acquired 50% of the Indian company Arian Breweries & Distilleries Ltd and launched San Miguel Fresca in the UK.

In Spain, it has seven brewing centres and two mineral water springs, together with packaging centres. It has a broad portfolio of domestic beers which include, among others, Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial, Mixta, Alhambra Reserva 1925 and pioneering products for their category such as San Miguel 0.0% and San Miguel ECO. It also has a wide range of international beers from agreements with partners such as Carlsberg, Molson-Coors and Warsteiner.