Founders beer arrives in Spain to expand the craft segment courtesy of Mahou San Miguel

  • This craft beer, one of the most prestigious and highly decorated in the United States, will be available to try for the first time in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Its barrel-aged brews stand out for their quality and originality, with such surprising ingredients as coffee, chocolate, cinnamon and raspberry
  • Mahou San Miguel has held a 30% stake in the US brewer since December 2014
Founders beer arrives in Spain to expand the craft segment courtesy of Mahou San Miguel

Founders beer arrives in Spain to expand the craft segment courtesy of Mahou San Miguel

Madrid, 16 November 2015. Mahou San Miguel, the most international Spanish beverage company, today presented the launch of Founders in Spain, one of the fastest-growing beers in the craft segment in the USA, which will for the first time be available to try out a selection of venues and specialist stores in Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid's Matadero venue was transformed for the occasion into the landmark Founders brewery bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founder and CEO Mike Stevens, and master brewer Jeremy Kosmicki, travelled to Madrid to unveil the secrets of these beers that aim to take the craft segment in Spain by storm. They were accompanied by Mariano Navarro, Managing Director for Finance, Strategy and New Business at Mahou San Miguel, the company that made its investment in Founders in December 2014, acquiring a 30% stake, and Javier Herrero-Velarde, Director of Cervecera Independiente, the Mahou San Miguel project to promote beer culture, with the task of marketing the American brand within Spain.

Founders touches down here with a striking catalogue of 16 varieties, including both seasonal beers and brews available all year round, along with limited editions and special series. This thus serves to extend the Mahou San Miguel portfolio of lager beers, the most widespread in Spain, with ales, stouts and porters, surprisingly produced using ingredients such as chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, berries, oats and molasses, along with the usage of such techniques as fermentation in oak barrels.

Marketing to offer an experience

From today some thirty venues and specialist stores in Madrid and Barcelona will be marketing the varieties of Founders, some of them throughout the year and others for specific periods. Cervecera Independiente has adopted this approach in distributing the brand at a number of establishments with the greatest expertise and knowledge of the craft segment in Spain, offering consumers a genuine beer experience.

Mike Stevens, the creator of Founders, indicated that "we can't think of a better travelling companion in continuing our growth than Mahou San Miguel, with whom we have from the outset shared our values and our passion for beer. We know that Spanish consumers will appreciate this beverage, and are increasingly interested in the craft segment. We hope to be able to win them over with our varieties”.

Meanwhile, Mariano Navarro, Managing Director for Finance, Strategy and New Business at Mahou San Miguel, asserted that "respect for the product has been the central plank of our collaboration over the past few months. We are constantly learning from their creative and innovative capacity in the brewing world. We are delighted that at long last Spanish consumers will be able to enjoy a first-class craft beer of the calibre of Founders, which will not only supplement our portfolio but furthermore enrich Spain's beer culture”.

Founders is considered one of the highest-quality craft beers and has received such prestigious international awards as the gold medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge, the European Beer Star and the World Beer Cup. It was also selected as the best craft beer by TheDailyMeal, and is among the most highly praised of any beer worldwide by the readers of RateBeer and BeerAdvocate.

The master brewers of Founders introduce themselves

To mark the launch of Founders, Mike Stevens and Jeremy Kosmicki will be conducting a series of "Meet the Brewer" gatherings at certain select venues in Madrid and Barcelona, where craft beer fans will be able to sample a number of varieties and meet the brand's master brewers at first hand.

The scheduled events are:


  • Monday 16 at 19:00 at La Tape (Calle San Bernardo 88)
  • Monday 16 at 21:00 at Irreale (Calle Manuela Malasaña 20)
  • Tuesday 17 at 19:00 at Taproom (Calle Guzmán el Bueno 52)
  • Tuesday 17 at 21:00 at Chinaski | (Calle de la Fe 19)


  • Wednesday 18 at 19:00 at Ale&Hop (Basses de Sant Pere 10 bis)
  • Wednesday 18 at 21:00 at Black Lab (Plaça Pau Vila 1)
  • Thursday 19 at 19:00 at Meet The Brewer at Kaeldekorld (Carrer del Cardenal Casañas 7)
  • Thursday 19 at 21:00 at Meet The Brewer at BrewDog (Carrer de Casanova 69)

Founders Catalogue in Spain

Year-Round availability:

  • All Day IPA
  • Centennial IPA
  • DirtyBastard
  • Porter


Specialities, seasonal beers available depending on the time of year:

  • Imperial Stout: available in January and February.
  • Curmudgeon Old Ale: available in March and April.
  • Rübaeus: available from May to August.
  • Breakfast Stout: available from October to December.

Limited editions. Produced in limited quantities because of their ingredients or their production or ageing process. These are stronger, exclusive beers such as Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Backwoods Bastard.