Mahou beer now made in India

Mahou beer now made in India
This makes it the first Spanish brewery operating in the region with its own beer-making facilities
  • Mahou San Miguel reinforces its presence in India through its local subsidiary with the launch of its flagship brand

  • This makes it the first Spanish brewery operating in the region with its own beer-making facilities

Madrid, 26 March 2015.- Mahou India, the first subsidiary of Mahou San Miguel outside of Spain is reinforcing its position in the local market with the launch of Mahou Cinco Estrellas. This allows the company to expand its offer in the country, by leaping into the premium category and starting to compete in new segments.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas is already marketed in several States and enjoying a very favourable initial acceptance. The beer is made in the Mahou India plant in Rajasthan and has been adapted to suit local consumer tastes and requirements without forsaking any of its original personality, flavour and quality.

“This launch is  a step further in our consolidation in this market, which is today an investment of strategic importance for the company given its high growth potential. Our vision for India is long-term and we have a solid project for the future, a committed team and first rate installations”, affirms Erik d’Auchamp, General Director of Mahou India. “Our business in India is a continuous source of innovation, and helps us to evolve as an organisation both inside and outside of Spain”, he adds.

More than 18 million euros in investment over the next five years

With the introduction of its “flagship brand”, Mahou India continues to add value to the local market through its beer-making expertise and by developing an innovative portfolio of premium brands, which also includes its classical Mahou.

“For us it has been a very important milestone, and in some way, even an emotional one, as this year Mahou is celebrating its 125th anniversary in Spain”, notes Jonathan Stordy, International Managing Director of Mahou San Miguel. “We are certain of its potential as a premium brand beyond our borders, where it is very appreciated not only for its quality and flavour, but also for the attitudes and values of the Spanish way of life associated to it. In fact, the brand is growing at a good pace in countries such as Chile, the UK, Hong Kong or the US, and it has favourable prospects in other markets such as China”.

Mahou India, has also just re-launched its Dare Devil beer, renewed to become an attractive reference brand, not only for Indian consumers but also for tourists visiting the country.

Through the acquisition in 2014 of 100% of the local company Arian Breweries, Mahou San Miguel became the first Spanish company in the sector to operate in the region with its own production facility. In that time, Mahou India has increased its workforce by 25%, to more than 100 professionals, and reinforced its investment (18 million euros) to implement its processes and thus ensure top quality and the safety of all its products.

With good initial results, the company trusts the enormous potential of the beer market in India, which currently has the highest growth rate in the world (13%).