Mahou Cinco Estrellas supporting Madrid's Olympic bid

  • The brand is launching a campaign on behalf of the city days before the choice of the host for the 2020 Olympic Games

  • With the slogan

  • Mahou Cinco Estrellas encourages the general public to support the bid by sharing the campaign on social networks using the hashtag #quebiensabeser


Madrid, 28 August 2013. The venue for the 2020 Olympic Games will be decided on 7 September in Buenos Aires. Once again Mahou San Miguel, Spain's premier brewing company, is supporting the bid submitted by Madrid, the city where it was founded in 1890.

On the home straight of the capital's Olympic race, the Mahou Cinco Estrellas brand is launching a support campaign highlighting the reasons why Madrid deserves these Games. Intrinsically linked to the city for more than 120 years, the firm aims to reflect in the campaign the magical sensation which makes all arrivals in Madrid, from wherever they may be, feel like locals. The approach highlights the dynamic, open and inclusive nature of the city, where everyone is free to be who they want.

With the slogan "It feels great to be from Madrid", Mahou invites people to share this spirit and enjoy moments of genuine experience in the Spanish capital's squares, neighbourhoods and terraces, wherever they may be from. Because a city like that deserves the Olympic Games.

Constant support for Madrid's bid

Madrid forms part of Mahou's DNA, and it has been a part of the life force of the city since it was founded, taking part in social, cultural and artistic events through its partnership and sponsorship agreements.

Its commitment to the city and to sport have been seen in its constant support for Madrid's Olympic dream, as one of the few companies which has for seven years now been involved in each and every one of the bids to host the Olympic Games in 2012, 2016 and 2020.

Mahou aims to invite the general public to join in this Olympic spirit and show the world the pride they feel in a city like Madrid, irrespective of the decision reached on 7 September, by sharing the campaign on social networks with the hashtag #quebiensabeser.


Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi
Product: MAHOU Cinco Estrellas – M2020
Brand: Mahou
Sector: Alcoholic beverages
Client contact: Eloísa Ochoa-Zabalegui, Alicia Romero, Mercedes Valdés, Lorena Martín
Executive Creative Directors: Ángel Torres and Lucas Paulino
Art Directors: Mauricio Duque and Nacho Íñigo
Copywriter: Fernando Domínguez.
Production: Laura Escribano and Gonzalo Ruiz - FFF
Production Company: Blur
Director: Yasmina
Producer: Pablo García Acón
Media Agency: AegisPieces: 43s "Arrivals" spot
Sound: Beat Music