Mahou claims the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award

  • It is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of international design

  • The “Living life to the fullest” audiovisual piece was chosen by a jury of experts from among 6,800 submissions in the Communication Design category


Madrid, 9 October 2013. Mahou was a winner at the Red Dot awards, one of the leading international design competitions, claiming a first prize as the “Best of the Best”. This prestigious accolade in the Communication Design category confirms the quality and outstanding value of its creative initiatives in this field.

The prize-winning piece, "Living life the fullest", was chosen by an international jury of experts out of 6,800 submissions from 43 different countries. The audiovisual piece developed for Mahou by the brand consultancy Interbrand provides an innovative and original presentation of the attributes of the new Mahou Cinco Estrellas format for the night, a bottle aligned with the latest trends which adapts its image to moments of enjoyment and points of sale where decor, style and ambience are a part of the experience.

"For us this award is recognition of our daily efforts to innovate in the way we communicate with and relate to our consumers, offering them new experiences and distinctive content to strengthen their connection with the brand across a range of media," according to César Hernández, Mahou San Miguel Marketing Director.

The piece formed a part of the major brand identity project undertaken to highlight the brewer's core values through branding, giving it a more modern image by means of unique, high-quality design elements.

The creation process "simply drew on the graphical elements which make up the bottle, its label and the logo, shining an inspirational spotlight on the personality traits which define the brand," explains Carlos Magro, Interbrand Design Director. The result, an unexpected and striking audiovisual experience created to give the brand a presence at events. Meanwhile Borja Borrero, Interbrand Executive Creative Director, added: "Creating this piece for Mahou was a challenge, and with this award and the accolade received at Cannes this year Interbrand aims to demonstrate its huge creative potential, which stands alongside its already established strategic know-how".

Inspiration and excellence

"Every year the days covered by the Red Dot voting process are full of surprises and inspiration. Numerous submissions for the Red Dot: Communication Design 2013 awards impressed the jury, but only the very best walk away with a prize. Only those which succeed in standing out from the crowd in the competition prove the extent of their potential in the marketplace and their economic visibility. Winning a Red Dot is the best way of achieving that," according to Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot.

The Red Dot Gala will be held in Berlin on 18 October, when this year's 62 Best of the Best prizewinners will learn who is to receive the Red Dot: Grand Prix, the highest accolade on offer.

TECHNICAL DETAILS “Living life to the fullest”

Technical specifications: Filmed in 360 degrees against a black background on a deconstructed mobile installation. Superimposition on the bottle of the key brand, logo and label elements creates the illusion of a dynamic choreography around it.

RedDotAgency: Interbrand
Client: Mahou
Product: Mahou Cinco Estrellas
Design: Interbrand
Creative Direction: Borja Borrero
Art Direction: Carlos Magro
Direction: Enrique Rodríguez