Mahou San Miguel and Nómada Brewing join forces to boost innovation

  • Leading Spanish brewer Mahou San Miguel has acquired a 40% share in one of the highest valued craft brewers in Spain.
  • This agreement will help the artisan microbrewery, which was founded in 2011, to develop its production and sales capacity.
  • Equally, Mahou San Miguel will strengthen its position in the craft market, an area into which it made a strong entrance in 2014 thanks to its agreement with US brewer Founders.
Mahou San Miguel and Nómada Brewing join forces to boost innovation

Mahou San Miguel and Nómada Brewing join forces to boost innovation

Madrid, 14 April 2016.- Mahou San Miguel and Nómada Brewing have signed a collaboration agreement by which they will work in partnership to boost the craft beer segment in Spain. By acquiring a 40% share in Nómada Brewing, Mahou San Miguel shows its commitment to talent and support for the entrepreneurial spirit of Javier Aldea and Sami Claret, who founded their Spanish microbrewery in 2011. It also succeeds in strengthening its presence in the craft beer market, an area in which it made a bold entrance two years ago thanks to its agreement with the US brewer Founders.

Mahou San Miguel is an entirely family-run Spanish company and leader of the Spanish beer sector; it will provide Nómada Brewing with access to its technology, quality control systems and sales network to help their project evolve, boosting its growth. Nómada Brewing will move its microbrewery to the Mahou San Miguel production centre in Alovera, where R&D&i projects are developed, and it will produce different beer varieties from its new headquarters.

Nómada Brewing currently exports its products to several different countries but does not have a firm presence in Spain. This new partnership will change this trend to focus on the national market.


One of the most highly valued craft brewers in Spain

Since it was founded, Nómada Brewing has received numerous different accolades. In 2012, prestigious website included it among the five best new beers in the world and its Royal Porter product won the bronze medal in its category. In 2013 its founders were honoured as the best craft brewers in Spain.

With such an impressive track record, Mahou San Miguel hopes to be inspired by its new partner and the collaboration will undoubtedly be a source of learning on both sides. Nómada Brewing joins the Cervecera Independiente project, created by Mahou San Miguel to encourage brewing culture and to create and support innovative initiatives that require a different approach due to their small scale.

Javier Aldea, co-founder of Nómada, explained, “We’re honoured that Mahou San Miguel has noticed our work and to have a parter like them to unleash our full potential”. Mariano Navarro, Managing Director of Finance, Strategy and New Business at Mahou San Miguel added, “This is an example of our company’s commitment to talent and the next generation of brewers who will undoubtedly contribute to raising standards in the sector. We're convinced that they will bring with them a fresh approach and innovation for the future.”


Nómada Brewing Company

From Vitoria to Sabadell, in less than five years this geographically dispersed brewing initiative has positioned itself as a leader in the Spanish craft brewing sector. Despite lacking its own production facilities, its beers have been internationally acclaimed and won awards around the world. Its co-founders are noted for their innovation, attention to detail and passion for quality products. They have travelled thousands of kilometres and produced beers with Stillwater (US), Freigeist Bierkultur (DE), To Ol (DK), Northern Monk (UK), Omnipollo (SE), and Ghost Brewing (DK). Further information at